5 Assessment Questions for Ministry Leaders in the Church

Take some time 2-3 times a year to evaluate your growth areas in leaders. This is a great resource to use to help you stay accountable to what God is doing in and through your life. Get together with a few others and share your thoughts and reflections.

1. Influence on Spiritual Growth:

How have your interactions and guidance impacted the spiritual growth of the individuals you’ve mentored or served over the past year?

Can you identify any specific instances where you’ve witnessed positive changes or insights in those under your care?

2. Alignment with Vision and Values:

Looking back over the year, can you pinpoint instances where your decisions and actions have directly reflected the vision and values of our church?

Are there areas where you believe you could have better aligned your leadership choices with these guiding principles?

3. Adaptation to Challenges:

As you faced challenges or unexpected situations in your role, can you reflect on how you handled them? Were there instances where your response aligned well with your responsibilities as a ministry leader?

Are there any challenges that you feel you could have approached differently for a more positive outcome?

4. Effectiveness in Care and Support:

Reviewing your interactions with the congregation over the past year, how satisfied are you with the care and support you’ve provided to those in need?

Can you identify any specific cases where your actions made a discernible difference in someone’s well-being or spiritual journey?

5. Personal and Leadership Growth:

Reflecting on your own personal growth, how have your experiences as a ministry leader contributed to your own spiritual journey and leadership development?

Are there any areas in which you feel you’ve grown substantially, or any skills you’ve developed that have positively impacted your role?