• About StaffYourChurch:

    Staffyourchurch.com is becoming one of the best Free resources for online job searches for pastor jobs, ministry jobs and church jobs.  Our church job service is designed to not only help Senior Pastors, Youth Pastors, Music and Worship Pastors, and other pastors find jobs, but we want to help the small church fill positions such as, financial secretaries, ministry assistants, interns, interim pastors, and more.  We hope that this free job search resource for churches can be a great help.  We know job search websites can be expensive so we want to give a great resource where small churches and large churches can get the word out.  We hope that you will also consider using our resume service to create high quality resume that can help churches find you.  Let us know if we can help assist you in finding the right ministry, or church staffing job for you.