What to do when you go to a new church or ministry job

For those who are starting a position in a new church here are some thoughts on some first things to do:

1) Get to know the heart of the church and the staff. Spend time asking questions and getting to know who your working with.

2) Spend time with Leaders in your area of ministry. Set up meetings with them in the first 2 weeks and get a feel of what their expectations are for that ministry. Remember they are the ones who have been carrying this ministry while the church has been looking for a new leader. Find out what they see are the biggest needs. Remember, whatever their expectations of this ministry are they will judge your success or failure on those things. If that is not what your heart and passion is then you need to communicate to them clearly what your passion and giftedness are.

3) Spend time with people. Get to know the people you are ministering to.  Get to know people by name. It is very important that you know their name. It makes someone feel so good when they here someone use their name.  Your relationship can always go deeper if you know their name.

4) Clarify and Cast Vision. Within the first month meet with the leaders of the church to clarify vision.  Soon after try and set up a gathering to be able to cast vision. Listen to the people in your church or ministry. There are needs that they have and you want to be sure to address those needs.

Be sure that you focus on all 4 of these areas. Pray through the vision God has given you for that church and then lead the leaders and parents there and love the students and you will see God do amazing things.

The more people you can include in the loop the better you will be.

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Kevin Deming

Kevin has been in ministry for 20+ years working in churches of under 200 to over 2500 in attendance. He understands small churches needs as well as the needs of churches that are growing and needing a larger staff.

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