Volunteers: How to Ask Volunteers to Serve

Bill Hybels book, “The Volunteer Revolution” starts off in the first chapter with what I believe is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to growing your volunteer team.  He spoke of a new staff member having a hard time asking volunteers to serve when they are so busy during the week.  They were feeling guilty and even felt like they were putting a burden on their volunteers.

Bill responded with these thoughts.  During the next few months you’re going to meet people who work at drill presses, sell real estate, insurance, cars but few of them sense the pleasure, meaning and purpose of life they’ve heard advertised in commercials…  They’re godly, conscientious people, and they feel thankful for their jobs.  But they don’t find satisfaction for their souls at the drill press.  

He said, “You and I get to invite these people to be used by God in ways they never imagined.  We have the opportunity to empower them to develop gifts they didn’t know they had.  We can cheer them on as they courageously…we get to see the look on their faces when they realize God has used them to touch another human being.

This is the heart of why we ask people to serve at church.  We ask them to serve because of how it can shape, change and grow them.  Sure we need help taking care of the tasks at hand, but ultimately we know their life with purpose will help them in every area of their lives.  It may be the best way to grow people in their faith.  So asking someone to serve is not a burden on them and we shouldn’t feel guilty.  Asking someone to serve will allow for them to be used by God and make a difference in someone’s life.


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Kevin Deming

Kevin has been in ministry for 20+ years working in churches of under 200 to over 2500 in attendance. He understands small churches needs as well as the needs of churches that are growing and needing a larger staff.

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