Become More Effective in Ministry and Evaluate

Become More Effective in Ministry and Evaluate

One of the things I love most about the church I am in is their drive to be more effective in every area of ministry. Your church should always be evaluating and thinking strategically as you plan for every ministry in the church.  If you don’t know where to start I recommend try using the principles from the book, “7 Practices of Effective Ministry.” It is worth buying if you haven’t already bought a copy. It would benefit your church to take these 7 practices and apply them to every ministry and demographic in our church to see how we can be more effective in reaching people.

I want to encourage you to evaluate your ministry. Look and see what is working and what seems to be struggling. Get a copy of the books, The Simple Church and 7 Practices of Effective ministry and apply those principles to your ministry. What is your passion in ministry? Do you want to see God show up mightily in your life? If you do then I encourage you to work with a team of leaders to discover God’s vision for your ministry, focus on communicating to your people the vision God has given your ministry, do everything you can to follow through and make things more effective.

Don’t settle for less than what God has for you and your ministry. God is bigger than we can imagine. Trust Him and let Him guide you. Please don’t get satisfied with just maintaining ministry. Be passionate about being more effective and impactful.

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Kevin Deming

Kevin has been in ministry for 20+ years working in churches of under 200 to over 2500 in attendance. He understands small churches needs as well as the needs of churches that are growing and needing a larger staff.

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