5 Things Every Small Church Must Remember When Hiring Church Staff

Finding the right staff can seem very difficult, and often it can seem very overwhelming when you are in a small church. Maybe you feel it is so hard, because you don’t feel you have enough people to attract someone who would be that perfect fit. Maybe you feel like you can’t get someone who is what you desire for the particular staff position you are looking for because you feel you can’t pay them enough. No matter what the reason, finding the right staff can be a long and hard process. In fact, it isn’t just difficult for small churches it is hard to find the right fit for any size church.

I wanted to give you a few thoughts to consider when looking for the right fit. Here are the 5 things every small church must remember when hiring church staff.

1. Don’t just fill the position with anyone. The temptation is there. You have an open spot, you have a need, just put someone who can manage that ministry and don’t worry about. Well, don’t give into that temptation. I know it is hard to run ministries when you have staffing needs, but hiring someone who isn’t a good fit leads to hours and hours of frustrations later – and even people leaving.
2. Look to see if there is anyone in your church currently that you can train. Sometimes the person you are looking for is right there in your church.  Maybe they will need to be trained.  Maybe they just need a chance.  If you are building up a team of volunteers and point people to manage the different ministries then you can get a test of what they can do before you even hire them.  However, be careful with this too.  Don’t rush too fast in just hiring someone that attends your church because there can be fallout if they don’t do a good job.
3. Be willing to invest in someone who isn’t fully ready yet.  Maybe you have come across a resume and they don’t have the experience you have set your hearts on.  Maybe they don’t have the education that you think they should have, but they seem to be a quick learner and look to be a great fit with your church.  If you find someone like this don’t dismiss them too quickly.  Be sure to challenge them and see if they would be willing to learn.  Someone in this position would need to be teachable.  You can always send them to conference, have them take online classes, and even better have someone walk along side of them to encourage them.
4. Being clear with your expectations will reduce problems later.  One of the biggest issues you can face when trying to hire someone is that you want them to like your church so much that you present all the good things to them and ignore the trouble issues.  By the way, every church has issues, because people make up the church.  If you haven’t noticed, we all got issues!  However, if you are really clear with expectations you have on someone in this position you can make sure that they would be a good fit.  It would be a constant headache to have to deal with someone who really wasn’t a good fit.  That is much worse than taking your time to find the right person.  Speaking of taking your time.
5. Take your time in the search process.  Now, I want to be clear that if you find the right person and you feel they are the right person, don’t wait, just to say you are waiting.  Take them through the process, but don’t be afraid to do that quickly.  What I am talking about here is, don’t just  feel like you have to have the position filled so you hire the first person who looks like they can do the job.  Make sure they are a good fit for your team, your church and that they are willing to grow in that position.

We here at Staffyourchurch.com really understand that it is a hard process to fill church staff positions.  That is why we have free postings for every church no matter how large or how small.  Let us know how we can help you in your search process.

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Kevin Deming

Kevin has been in ministry for 20+ years working in churches of under 200 to over 2500 in attendance. He understands small churches needs as well as the needs of churches that are growing and needing a larger staff.

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